Raglan Flower Farm & Water Gardens

Moa Stone Estate – Raglan

Organic Flowers at your doorstep

Just out of Raglan, hidden in the Te Mata hills, you find our lotus & lily water gardens and flower farm. Exquisite cut flowers & lush foliage on offer changes all year round. Weather you are a florist, need guest room or table arrangements, want to brighten up your space or have a special event coming up, we can offer you a wide selection of exceptional and long-lasting flowers.


Phone: 072820247 / Email: info@moastoneestate.nz

Facebook: Moa Stone Estate Limited

What We Do

Growing a wide range of ever-changing cut flowers, we aim to have a good, trendy selection available all year round. Affordable, seasonal, and as fresh and local as possible.

We launched our business being BioGro Certified Organic and although we no longer carry the certificate, we still grow organic & spray free, using our home made Seaweed- & Comfrey fertilizers.

Meeting all budgets, we are flexible, creative and work as one team with our local certified florists.

Simply get in touch to discuss your needs.


Why you too would love our flowers

Starting our business working Certified Organic taught us to work in close harmony with nature. Soon the frogs arrived, followed by birds, bees & butterflies. Over time we changed our vegetable crops into a wide range of beautiful flowers and let our certificate go. Yet we still practice what we have learned. We keep growing our flowers organically, adding our home-made fertilizers made of seaweed and comfrey. Making our land a safe heaven for all the creatures that bring us so much joy.

  • Long lasting flowers
  • Organically grown
  • Ethical
  • Exquisite assortment
  • Flowers for every budget
  • Sustainable
  • Available all seasons
  • Pick up or delivery

No flower arrangement is too big or too small

Flowers for every budget

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